What do fairs offer?

Due to the excessive development of computerization and technology, many young companies have not yet met with fairs because they offer or search for products through the web. While using Google, you can find "everything" in just a few clicks, fairs provide what the web cannot - personal contact where you can shake hands, touch and see the product in action, exchange business cards and quickly fill the list of potential customers.

A picture is worth a thousand words. An interface is worth a thousand pictures.

No matter how fast it is to send an email, it will be faster to close that (big) deal with a presentation at a trade fair, and the world offers a lot of them. In addition, to an opportunity to represent your business, you can check out what your competitors are offering as well as opening up markets that you can't from your own business chair. Do not forget the fact that the fair is mostly visited by your target customers because the data shows that only 10% of visitors to those fairs are people who come here out of curiosity. Accordingly, if the fair is visited by only 5,000 people (and international fairs are visited by hundreds of thousands of visitors), your potential customer base is almost 4,500. How much time/money do you need to find as many customers on the Internet and by sending them emails?

Once the product's task is known, design the interface first; then implement it to the interface design.

The company IDEA4U will be happy to explore the market of potential fairs for you. We will offer you the ideal equipment and prepare everything for you to be ready for the first day of exposure. After all, if you had the time to read this article, most likely you have time for a short, casual, business meeting, or rather coffee, where we will present what we can do for you and see if there is an opportunity for cooperation.

An opportunity is a key - if you give us the opportunity, rest assured that we will not disappoint. We have an idea for you, so please contact us.

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