The most frequently asked questions

If you give us the basic information such as square footage, the image of the product that you want to expose and logo, your visuals can be finished in one day.

For all (potential) partners, this service is free (as long as we do not see that you test our drawing skills).

Although we, like everyone, have situations that we solve overnight, we prefer the first contact to be at least two weeks before the start of the presentation. The reason: better performance, more creative solution and more visualization capabilities.

We perform them wherever you need - on all continents.

Of course. In this case, we will do the first ininstallation for you for free and show you how it's done. So you can do it yourslef in the fuuture.

For the first draft of the website, we only need the info about your field of business, logo and a time limit in which you page should be done.

Of course. We make business profiles on all social networks and take care of the content for them.

Do not worry. In our team, we have world-class photographers, cameramena and masters of animation. You get to keep the complete material for further distribution.

For us, it is enough just to have the info about your product. Leave everything else to us. From the creation of visuals, presentation all the way to product placement - complete service is on us. And do not worry, we will not offer you just one idea.

The idea is what we started with, and that's what we give to others happy. From idea to implementation - for your team we will organize an unforgettable time that you will talk again and again about.

As for conferences and other events, we are not limited by any numbers of visitors. Just let us know about the location and date - the rest we will do for you.

You didn't find an answer?

Do not hesitate to ask whatever you like. There are no stupid questions and it is our job to provide you with the right answers in the shortest possible time.