Event managment

Why we recommend corporate events?

No matter how much a student or a high school parties get you new connections, you'll get even more by going on a business banquet, congress or conference. Why? You will get the chancew to know the business people of the same or similar views, outside of the office and also to sign some concreate contracts. Most business people are pleased to be invited to the events organized by another company or institution because there can meet similar people there, and by having a conversation with a class of wine in hand, they can find out the delicate information from their environment. They can also get hints about trends to come. At the end of such event you comment with colleagues about what was interesting, who did (not) appeared and why you need to work on specific segments. In the coming months, you mention this event again because of some other situation, and what lies behing it? A quality marketing of the organizers of this event, as many participants, every now and then mention the name of that company. Whether it is a cocktail party, conference, home fair presentation of the product or team building events, we can do all of this for you - at the highest possible level.

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What does our service include?

Organization of the turn-key system

All you need to have is the desire to organize something. Leave the rest to us. For you, we will make a plan, a cost estimate and organize the complete event.

Concert organization

You would like to invite a celebrity to a party, but do not have time to deal with it? We will offer you several celebrity faces that will surely enhance your event.

Equipping events

Do you have space and idea what to do but do not know how? For this reason, IDEA4U is there for you. We will incorporate the breath of modern, business and warm "households".

An unforgettable team building

You want to take your teammates away from everyday life and afford them an unforgettable time? For you, we will make a mix of casual and business event which all will remember fondly.

Creating unique gifts

For your participants want to prepare something special by what they will remember you? Feel free to contact us as we will prepare a unique gift for them that they haven't seen anywhere, except when they got it from you.

Business trip

Without any problem, we can arrange a quality and affordable tour in any part of the world, including booking of offices with all the equipment for the presentation of your company to potential partners that you will need.

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