Sales promotion

Why do we enjoy in the presentation of every product?

From all sides we are overwhelmed by the stack of products which themselves have tremendous competition in terms of price and quality. How, then, in that mass to be noticed and to know exactly for specific products? There is just one correct anwer - constant investment in sales improvement. It's well known that in the 21st century, the product does not sell itself for its quality and name. In fact, the quality of the product is nowadays even less important. Large corporations invest billions in marketing, but mostly in sales promotion and advertising, which affects the mass. After reading this text, the next time you walk into the store try to look at the shelves on which are the most famous world brands. You will see that they are packed full, and with them there is also an additional "signaling". We do not do shelve filling, but we have the products and idea that can improve your sales and achieve excellent results in a short time. Again one IDEA4U challenge - we get a chance, and you get a guarantee that we will reimburse your cost if you do not see results.

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What does our service include?

Creating unique solutions for promotion

Copping the competition is always easy, but to be the one who's being coppied, a little harder. We are here for you to create a unique idea that will make a result.

Positioning on the target market

You have a designed method of promotion, but where best to focus your marketing efforts to not go over it limited budget? Give us a chance and we will do everything else (location, production, placement).

Interactive presentations

You want to test the market by sending a presentation about your new product bat you don't know how? We are expers for presentations, and you will see it with the first responses of potential customers.

Promotional materials

Every customer likes to get something extra for their money even if it's some small gift. We know what gift your customers want and we can do everything related to it. From procurement to placements.

Complete product branding

Do you have a product you are sure that will find it's customers, but do not know how to brand it? Do not worry, it's enough to give us a couple of suggestions and we will create a "sensational" product.


With each promotion there always come and "trailing" printed materials. For you, not to bother with that, we can do it all. We will provide you with the best prices in the market.

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