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Why do we make websites and maintain social networks?

Wherever you are reading this text (even if it's just you by yourself), take a look around and you will see over 80% of people on their phones, tablets or laptops. In the online world, we are bombarded from all sides, so why should we not be one of the "bombs" that brings satisfaction? A good indicator of the development of online technology is that over 70% of the older population that used cell phones have smartphones nowadays. And while 10 years ago it was crazy to think that someone with 65 to 70 years has Facebook, it is normal today. And what does this tell us? Only one thing - the online presence is not the future, but the trend, and we dare to say - a need. For this reason, we can make you a website customized to fit "all screens" and take care of the social networks for your business. We will be free to say - if you do not see any benefit from this and don't consider it a success - we will return you your inestment.

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What does our service include?


You want to make a step forward but not sure how? We will advise you, free of charge, because we have rich experience in making web pages.


To prove how many benefits web brings, we will provide the advertising on leading Croatian portals. Something you need to try.

Turn-key system

Domain lease? Hosting? Web visuals? After the initial meeting, we will not bother you with additional questions, but we will contact you soon with a ready-made solution.

Social networks

Facebook? Instagram? Linkedin? Twitter? Not only that we can do it for you, but we will suggest to you which platform is best for your business. And prove it with numbers.


The biggest sales opportunity lies on the web. If you are willing to engage in it, for which we cheer, we can make a complete webshop interface for you.


The best thing about the web? Exact numbers. While at the newspaper you can not prove how many people saw your ad, here it is possible. And we are doing it for you.

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